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rateme_wigga's Journal

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Rules, Nigga

Notice that the rules are written in "ghetto" terms. If you cannot understand them, then we know you are not a wigga? Get it? Got it? Good.

1.) Once yo' ass be some memba' o' dis community, yo' ass gots'ta fill out da
damn applicashun (down low, which be provided below) an' post some minimum o' 3
pictures o' yourself.
2.) Plaise put some lj-cut tag around yo' applicashun an' pictures
3.) Homie don't play dat. Do not send in yo' applicashun if yo' ass do not have
A-Dubba-L da required 4-1-1. Such as, dig dis: Pictures, links dat yo' ass have
promoted us on etc.
4.) Yo' ass may start votin' on sucka's afta' yo' ass have been stamped.
Fuckin' A!
5.) If yo' ass git rejected yo' ass may apply again in some week, but afta'
bein' rejected 2 times yo' ass may not apply again.
6.) Don' u make rude replies t' votes, plum deal.
7.) Afta' yo' ass join, yo' ass have 24 hours t' post yo' applicashun an'
8.) If yo' ass do not follow da rules when postin' yo' ass aint gonna be
stamped. T' make shaw you've followed da damn rules yo' ass gots'ta put "i love
da damn mods cause they be emo"
somewhere in yo' applicashun. Right on! eitha'
in da subject line o' somewhere on da page.
9.) Yo' ass will be accepted o' rejected afta' yo' ass git 6 votes. Da majority
o' damn straight/no votes will determine if yo' ass be accepted o' rejected. If
they be tied, whoeva' be stampin' yo' ass will decide
10.) Do not comment on otha' posts unless yo' ass be accepted.
11.) Only mods kin stamp.
12.) Yo' ass gots'ta promote da damn community in 2 otha' places (down low, dat
kin include anotha' lj usa'.) an' list them in yo' applicashun. Yo' ass gots'ta
be able t' link us t' where yo' ass promoted. If yo' ass abort t' do so's yo'
ass will be automatical-like rejected.
13.) Once yo' ass be accepted yo' ass gots'ta put some promoshun banna' o' yo'
accepted banna' into yo' userinfo
14.) D-O-N-fuckin'-T B-E R-U-D-fuckin'-E O M-E-A-fuckin'-N! Ya' know? Dats it.
Yo' ass gots nothin' supa' fine t' say...dont say anythin'. Man! If u r
rude/main, an' one o' da damn mods doesnt wanna stand 4 it, yo' ass git some
warnin'. Afta' 2 warnings, u r out. Ah be baaad... Sorry kids.
15.) Have F-U-fuckin'-N! Dis be some ratin' community 4 yo' ass wiggas out
dair. Oh yaih, yo' ass got'ta rememba' dat yo' moderators (down low, Erin an'
Sean=n) be EMO. Kay? We aint wigga's. But, yo' ass will love us anyway. I know
yo' ass will.

Whoa. Kay.

Application, son


HoW OlD U?

WhO Got Da IlLEsT FlOW?

GiMME yo SIgn!

WherE you ATTT?

You Wigga Enuff? WHy?!


(place anything you want here)

DAS IT yo.

Stay Booghee!

Your [Emo] Moderators


AIM: cranberryxsauce